The Bottom Up editorial board welcomes aspiring journalists who wish to carry out a period internship with us. The training is best addressed to students working in Anthropology, Political Sciences, Economics, Humanities, and Communication Sciences; however, students with an interest in journalism from other disciplines are also encouraged to apply.
The internship takes place entirely remotely.

If you haven’t done it yet, check what’s our vision.

The Bottom Up approach

The TBU editorial staff focus on stories coming directly from the people who are part of them. Topics may be different but the driver is the same. We believe in a type of approach which is based on collaboration and sharing of ideas and takes into consideration many perspectives in order to avoid judgements. The ideal intern would be able then to share his/her own ideas with the group and be flexible to adapt them with the doubts and the advices of the team. We start from the people or specialists working in their field of interest, considering the main primary sources of the topic, and we use interviews to catch the main problematics. The goal is not to give the reader an absolute truth but a point of view through which understand reality.

How does it work

The internship is divided into two phases. First, with the help of a a member of the board, the intern works on a crash course in basic journalism. This traing is meant to give the intern the correct acquaintance to the core skills in the field: the proper use of various sources, logical fallacies, writing style, online formatting standards.

Second, the intern is asked to draft an agreed number of articles, proportional to the university credits that the student must achieve. Moreover, they must delve into different topics, according to their interests, always in agreement with the editorial staff. During this part of the internship, an appointed tutor supervises the choice of the subject and the drafting process.

In some cases, we also offer a translation internship. Please contact us to discuss the coherence with your course requirements, and the languages you’d like to work on. We can best match if your destination language is English, Italian, French, but we can arrange personalized internships if the applicant suggests a feasible and coherent plan.

Read this carefully! It’s the intern responsibility to make sure that the activity is coherent with the home institution course/plan, including paperwork. If you have doubts, we’ll be happy to help.

How to apply

Send an email to with a short bio and a brief motivation letter. Please include:

a) Have you ever written newspaper articles before? Please, send us some of your old published articles as writing samples.

b) Would tbup be your first experience? Then, let us know which topic(s) you’d like to focus on and learn about.

We will reply as soon as possible to arrange an online interview and discuss if we are a good match to work together.